In the quote, jack is explaining the concepts of religion and how it has effected our world such as those who make belief a comfort fore death. In every belief,  there are some that may even  glorifying your death or making your death seem more pleasant than such as believing in eternal life after death or the idea of being reborn after death to start life as a new person. It’s as if the faith is being used to loose their fear of death by  having this magnificent and beautiful idea of whats to come after death. If you believe that you will die but be reborn or have eternal life after death, than you loose that fear of dying or how you will die and are able too live your life to the fullest. 




James l. Harris

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James Harris


 Quote 1):

‘Do you really believe that?’ he said

‘Why should I believe it?’

‘Industry would collapse if the true results of any of these investigations were released.’

‘What investigations?’

‘That’s the point’ she said ‘Every day on the news there’s another toxic spill. Cancerous solvents from storage tanks, arsenic from smokestacks, radioactive water from power plants. How serious can it be if it happens all the time?’”(166)

Summary 1):

The family is discussion that they aren’t in danger from the toxic cloud that appeared a couple of days before. However, Hienrich believes that health safety patrol is hiding more than they are telling them. The family then goes on to say how this incident can’t be that dangerous considering it happens every day on the new and media.

Analysis 1):

This quote could be interpreted as catastrophic event being considered superficial as it or insignificant as it is shown frequently on the media. These event are so frequent in their eyes, that most people don’t considered them dangerous.


Quote 2):

‘”knowledge changes every day. People like to have their beliefs reinforced……The world is more complicated for adults than it is for children. We didn’t grow up with all of these shifting facts and attitudes. One day they just start appearing. So people need to be reassured by someone in a position of authority that a certain way to do something is the right way or the wrong way… (163)


In his passage we have Jack talking to his daughter who had recently gotten a job as a basic parameter teacher where she explains the basic necessities of life to people.


Analysis 2):

This quote could be interpreted by showing how quickie society is changing and developing with the assistance of knowledge.


Quote 3):

‘What happened to good and evil in the system? Passion, envy and hate? Do they become tangle of neurons? Are you telling me that a whole tradition of human failing is now at an end,’” (190)


Summary 3):

In this quote, Jack argues about his wife when Heinrich tells them that everything that we think about and the emotions we feel are just impulses in our brains.


Analysis 3):


This quote can be interpreted as to how our society has gotten so dependent on the most intelligent people and their findings to tell us what right and what’s wrong, that we forget to use our own instinct and begin to lose those feelings.


* the idea that the government whether national or state use real life events to  to practice. 

* the idea of how security thinks of certain situation

* the idea of taking something real ( for security officials) and making it into practice.

* something serious isn’t taken very seriously.

* the lack of well being for other



 In this quote, I feel as though  it portrayed how society is able to view the world and its surroundings. With the assistance of technology. We are able to discover a sense of essence. To elaborate, by watching it on the television, we feel as though we are there in that situation and we become upset and depressed because watching it on the T.v gives  us a different perspective then listening to it on the radio or reading it on the news paper. In short, we are getting recent updates as the situation is occuring in real time. We feel connected to the issue because we are watching it while its happening.


The quote explains how in society we have the lost the traditional value of certain thing such as farming and made it into something different such as becoming a tourist sire, the author is trying to portray that society as a whole has lost a traditional value and has gain a value of site.  The example with the farm showed this because the rest didn’t care what the farm was used for or how long it has been here, all it cares about is how well it will look on a picture frame. Not one of them viewd the barn for its value or worth. The narrator and Murray saw this and wondered to themselves why noone was seeing the barn but just taking pictures of them. Thsi can also be used to explain how are society has lost an interst in value all toghter. The tourist didn’t even notice the barn, but the barn sign. I was like they were there beacuse the sign told them to be there. because the sign said it was the photographed barn in America, that gave the people permission to go over ther and be part oif one of a fewe million who also took their picture over at that barn. Like they wanted to be everyone else who took a picture near the sign.this may be used to explain how people today in our socety’s only goal is to be like everyone else.


What seems to be brought about too me in this passage of the flag is how people can join together after a horrific event like 9/11. One possible way this might have an come to pass is that  they make us feel as though we have something in common. When  9/11 occur, even if we didn’t loose family or friends on that day, we did loose something important, our sense of security. When people put flags on their front lawn, it symbolizes a mutual pain that we all feel after the 9/11 attack. It’s almost like saying; I might have avoided pain, but thaqt doesn’t mean I don’t understand how you feel. To connect this with the post-modern idea of de-detoxification where what we see as natural is actually cultural, is shown with the flags because in America, we have been taught it is only natural to show your patriotism during this time. The point of the matter is that it’s more cultural than natural, but we have been raised in this country, to believe that this is the natural thing to do in these types of situations.