In the movie The Truman Show The director in the movie tells the news castor that Truman hasn’t discovered that his life is one big T.V show because we choose to  live in our  reality we are presented with, which is completely  true. people choose to live in he reality they are presented because none has given them a second options. They live in this reality  and because they live in it, they choose to believe that everything gin that reality is right and correct. Take this example; someone who lives in a nonfunctional family might believe that’s how a family works or this is how a family is suppose to be becasue they have been subjected to the reality they were given which was the dis-functional family. Another example would be a wealthy man, since his reality consist of millions of dollars, his reality  tells him to get richer and richer because his reality makes him believe money is how you achieve happiness. Many people choose to believe their reality they are presented and refuse to escape fro  it because they believe that their own reality  is how you achieve true happiness.



The critiques I can see in the Monty python and the holy grail is: the  conflict between races, death and religion. It was shown that the conflict with races as the France solider refused to help king Arthur and his knights, constantly insulting them. With religion, this was completely thrown out  of the window as it basically insulted the christian and catholic religion. With the death, the movie seems to make it easier for the viewer by allowing most of the characters to die in some of the most hilarious ways possible. The movie seems to remove how serious death is and try to make it entertaining for the viewer almost removing the fear of death from their eyes.


What I believe that Up simba is saying about politics is that the candidates try their best to makes themselves as idealized as possible in order for the voters to vote for them. They can make this happened by showing the voter that they have something that other candidates lack, A quick example with McCain being held prisoner with two broken arms and a broken legs. This might show the voter that you have perseverance and are able to handle terrible situation effectively. the other idea that it implements, in the Who Cares section, the author the reason for the dispersed votes was because of who the candidate was. McCain was a christian but also a war veteran, so it only makes sens that the amount of voters that would vote for him would be from high christian areas and war veteran areas. This i the same with all candidates, if a candidate is from a low middle class area, it would only make sense for voter who live in the same area to vote for him. This doesn’t always have to be the case, when a candidate said that he’ll improve something, the people who would benifit from that would more likely vote for that candidate than those who won’t .


What this author is saying about the society and how the society treats their athletes. I believe the author is trying to say that we, as a society are making these stars famous . we believe they are on this podium so high above ours, that we can’t ever compare ourselves to them nor compare ourselves to the their talents. However, we seem to forget that  they were once like us as well, they were just at the right place at the right time who were just more naturally gifted than other people.We believe that they have such natural talent well above ours, that they would never know how it would feel to be us.


What I found the most interesting how this paper talks about how the lobster is the best of the deliquesces and how everyone enjoys it, then goes into talking about how we torture them to death by putting them on hot water. I believe the novel is trying to argue two possible arguments; the first is that the author is trying to show the reader how culture  can connect  and evolve throughout the century. This example can be from the history of why we eat lobster and what  we use to used them for. they used to be considered pest and were once used as fertilizer, but now they use it for meals.We almost made eating lobster into our own traditions in the summer.

Thesis statement

The advancement in technology has forced people to create a society where they’re in constant debate whether to rely on our own  ambitions or technology advancements and scientific findings.


In the novel White Noise, the reader is shown sign s of several different theme throughout t the novel. One theme in particular is the theme of the dependency of technology on our everyday lives.technology has become such a major importance in our lives, that people can’t seem to function on their own without it. a Great example of this in the novel is when Jack is arguing with his son Heinrich about how its raining outside because he can see it. however, Heinrich is saying that the weather din’t forecast rain so it isn’t raining. This passage from the novel shows how people can loose function without technology but no longer realize on  their own sense to understand something. This theme goes even further in the book when the Chemical spill occurs The youngest daughter was showing signs of vomiting and deja vu, because she heard them on the radio. This could be interpreted as what technology tells us or what scientific people have told us, we believe it to be real.