In the movie The Truman Show The director in the movie tells the news castor that Truman hasn’t discovered that his life is one big T.V show because we choose to  live in our  reality we are presented with, which is completely  true. people choose to live in he reality they are presented because none has given them a second options. They live in this reality  and because they live in it, they choose to believe that everything gin that reality is right and correct. Take this example; someone who lives in a nonfunctional family might believe that’s how a family works or this is how a family is suppose to be becasue they have been subjected to the reality they were given which was the dis-functional family. Another example would be a wealthy man, since his reality consist of millions of dollars, his reality  tells him to get richer and richer because his reality makes him believe money is how you achieve happiness. Many people choose to believe their reality they are presented and refuse to escape fro  it because they believe that their own reality  is how you achieve true happiness.


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