What I believe that Up simba is saying about politics is that the candidates try their best to makes themselves as idealized as possible in order for the voters to vote for them. They can make this happened by showing the voter that they have something that other candidates lack, A quick example with McCain being held prisoner with two broken arms and a broken legs. This might show the voter that you have perseverance and are able to handle terrible situation effectively. the other idea that it implements, in the Who Cares section, the author the reason for the dispersed votes was because of who the candidate was. McCain was a christian but also a war veteran, so it only makes sens that the amount of voters that would vote for him would be from high christian areas and war veteran areas. This i the same with all candidates, if a candidate is from a low middle class area, it would only make sense for voter who live in the same area to vote for him. This doesn’t always have to be the case, when a candidate said that he’ll improve something, the people who would benifit from that would more likely vote for that candidate than those who won’t .


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