In the novel White Noise, the reader is shown sign s of several different theme throughout t the novel. One theme in particular is the theme of the dependency of technology on our everyday lives.technology has become such a major importance in our lives, that people can’t seem to function on their own without it. a Great example of this in the novel is when Jack is arguing with his son Heinrich about how its raining outside because he can see it. however, Heinrich is saying that the weather din’t forecast rain so it isn’t raining. This passage from the novel shows how people can loose function without technology but no longer realize on  their own sense to understand something. This theme goes even further in the book when the Chemical spill occurs The youngest daughter was showing signs of vomiting and deja vu, because she heard them on the radio. This could be interpreted as what technology tells us or what scientific people have told us, we believe it to be real.


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