In the quote, jack is explaining the concepts of religion and how it has effected our world such as those who make belief a comfort fore death. In every belief,  there are some that may even  glorifying your death or making your death seem more pleasant than such as believing in eternal life after death or the idea of being reborn after death to start life as a new person. It’s as if the faith is being used to loose their fear of death by  having this magnificent and beautiful idea of whats to come after death. If you believe that you will die but be reborn or have eternal life after death, than you loose that fear of dying or how you will die and are able too live your life to the fullest. 



One thought on “03/14/14

  1. I think you understood the quote pretty well, but I think you missed the element of the paradox between having people that believe and having no people that believe.

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