James Harris


 Quote 1):

‘Do you really believe that?’ he said

‘Why should I believe it?’

‘Industry would collapse if the true results of any of these investigations were released.’

‘What investigations?’

‘That’s the point’ she said ‘Every day on the news there’s another toxic spill. Cancerous solvents from storage tanks, arsenic from smokestacks, radioactive water from power plants. How serious can it be if it happens all the time?’”(166)

Summary 1):

The family is discussion that they aren’t in danger from the toxic cloud that appeared a couple of days before. However, Hienrich believes that health safety patrol is hiding more than they are telling them. The family then goes on to say how this incident can’t be that dangerous considering it happens every day on the new and media.

Analysis 1):

This quote could be interpreted as catastrophic event being considered superficial as it or insignificant as it is shown frequently on the media. These event are so frequent in their eyes, that most people don’t considered them dangerous.


Quote 2):

‘”knowledge changes every day. People like to have their beliefs reinforced……The world is more complicated for adults than it is for children. We didn’t grow up with all of these shifting facts and attitudes. One day they just start appearing. So people need to be reassured by someone in a position of authority that a certain way to do something is the right way or the wrong way… (163)


In his passage we have Jack talking to his daughter who had recently gotten a job as a basic parameter teacher where she explains the basic necessities of life to people.


Analysis 2):

This quote could be interpreted by showing how quickie society is changing and developing with the assistance of knowledge.


Quote 3):

‘What happened to good and evil in the system? Passion, envy and hate? Do they become tangle of neurons? Are you telling me that a whole tradition of human failing is now at an end,’” (190)


Summary 3):

In this quote, Jack argues about his wife when Heinrich tells them that everything that we think about and the emotions we feel are just impulses in our brains.


Analysis 3):


This quote can be interpreted as to how our society has gotten so dependent on the most intelligent people and their findings to tell us what right and what’s wrong, that we forget to use our own instinct and begin to lose those feelings.


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