In this quote, I feel as though  it portrayed how society is able to view the world and its surroundings. With the assistance of technology. We are able to discover a sense of essence. To elaborate, by watching it on the television, we feel as though we are there in that situation and we become upset and depressed because watching it on the T.v gives  us a different perspective then listening to it on the radio or reading it on the news paper. In short, we are getting recent updates as the situation is occuring in real time. We feel connected to the issue because we are watching it while its happening.


One thought on “03/05

  1. How does this relate to how watching the TV is a routine? They talk about it as a ritual, something that is done every Friday? I think the TV becomes a center piece of family life and what’s on isn’t always important (even though in this case it is).

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