The quote explains how in society we have the lost the traditional value of certain thing such as farming and made it into something different such as becoming a tourist sire, the author is trying to portray that society as a whole has lost a traditional value and has gain a value of site.  The example with the farm showed this because the rest didn’t care what the farm was used for or how long it has been here, all it cares about is how well it will look on a picture frame. Not one of them viewd the barn for its value or worth. The narrator and Murray saw this and wondered to themselves why noone was seeing the barn but just taking pictures of them. Thsi can also be used to explain how are society has lost an interst in value all toghter. The tourist didn’t even notice the barn, but the barn sign. I was like they were there beacuse the sign told them to be there. because the sign said it was the photographed barn in America, that gave the people permission to go over ther and be part oif one of a fewe million who also took their picture over at that barn. Like they wanted to be everyone else who took a picture near the sign.this may be used to explain how people today in our socety’s only goal is to be like everyone else.


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