What seems to be brought about too me in this passage of the flag is how people can join together after a horrific event like 9/11. One possible way this might have an come to pass is that  they make us feel as though we have something in common. When  9/11 occur, even if we didn’t loose family or friends on that day, we did loose something important, our sense of security. When people put flags on their front lawn, it symbolizes a mutual pain that we all feel after the 9/11 attack. It’s almost like saying; I might have avoided pain, but thaqt doesn’t mean I don’t understand how you feel. To connect this with the post-modern idea of de-detoxification where what we see as natural is actually cultural, is shown with the flags because in America, we have been taught it is only natural to show your patriotism during this time. The point of the matter is that it’s more cultural than natural, but we have been raised in this country, to believe that this is the natural thing to do in these types of situations.


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