Guns in school 2/17/14

1):With an increase in gun violence in school alone, it would be very destructive if  we allow guns to be permitted in school. Guns in school would cause a possible chin if events with the students, their teachers and their peer that will end in dangerous results.

2): it would be more advantageous for our country to increase the taxes on the rich on the count that they produce a higher income than those of the middle class or minimum wage.

3):Universal heath care would be advantageous because the baby boomers will come around retirement in the next five years.

4): The funding for sports should be made out from both the school and the students do to the fact that most middle class students in an upper class community might find it difficult to pay completely for the sport.

Fight club thesis

1):Do to the scesafranic state oif the narrator, Tyler was created as a method of escape of the narrator to escape from reality. This can be shown by Their relationship as well as the narrators’ need for Tyler as he is unsatisfied with his life.

2) The social conflict between the rich and the poor is inevitable in the novel by the acts of tyler, fight club and project mayhem

3): The novel argues that as a society, we are slave to consumerism. This is even clearly shown from the narrator’s eminate desire for material items and the Tyler’s action of project mayhem.


3 thoughts on “Guns in school 2/17/14

  1. I think your third thesis statement is good because it explains how consumerism is shown in the novel, while the other two theses don’t really explain anything. Also, is scesafranic a typo? Is it supposed to be frantic? Good ideas here!

  2. Your 3rd thesis is the strongest. You could also discuss how being a slave to consumerism has an adverse effect and then tie that into your two points, both in context of the novel and in the novel as a whole

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