Fight club paper 2

“The second I Fall asleep, Tyler takes over and something terrible will happen.” (23.175)

“I knew Tyler was going to kill my boss…when I said I wanted out of my job, I was giving him permission.”(26.185)

In the final chapters of this novel, the narrator discovered that he himself is Tyler. He “turns “Into Tyler and causes havoc to people around him. For the remainder of the novel, he spends his time awake trying to resolve the problems that Tyler has caused. This split personality can be interpreted as the narrator feeling he needs to escape reality because he felt unsatisfied about his life, so he created Tyler in order to get away from the life he was unsatisfied with. People in society do the same, they find ways to remove themselves from the unsatisfying world of reality whether it’s mentally or virtual, they find a way to escape reality.                                                 People who try to escape reality by means of interfering with their mental minds are usually go for drugs and alcohol. These item can cause a person to be in their own fantasy and (in some shape or form) escape reality by creating their own. By creating a reality theory are satisfied with, they are able to temporarily escape from the reality. There are those people who will take this route to escape reality, but there are those who will take a more suitable route. This route is escaping the world through virtual means                                                                                    When we escape the world through our devices we gain a sense of freedom to create a world that suites us and that satisfies us. An example of this is the classic “Sims” game where you have the ability to create any character you want and make them do anything your want. In a sense, you are creating your own reality. They also watch television which is usually a bunch of made up stories that take place in a fantasy world. The society is highly amused by this because it also helps escape from reality, but for as long as we want and almost never have to worry about returning to reality.                                                                                                                  People in society escape reality in order to find some satisfaction in their lives. Many people, go to drugs where they affect your mind and creating a temporary escape. A virtual world could have you escaping society for several hours and you would almost never have to leave your virtual world.


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