02/04/14: Analysis on The Fight Club

“That was my whole life. Everything, the lamps, the chairs, the rugs were me. The dishes in the cabinets were me. The plants were me. The television was me. It was me that blew up.” (111)
In this passage, the main character has a ruin with the detective about who could’ve caused the explosion at the main character’s condo and how the detective believes that the main character started the explosion. The narrator then goes on to explain how the objects in his condo were him and how he. This is showing how society might depict the items they own to describe them or makes them why they are. For example; in the room of a track runner, we may find metals, running shoes and sweats. All of these items define who that person is, someone who is extremely athletic. Another way to look at this is that the main charter could be obsessed with his material wealth and couldn’t stand the sight of it being destroyed. Our society in itself is like that, we are so engulfed in our material object that we can’t bear the thought of losing our most valuable objects even if it is our own doing. The final act is the act of using objects to obtain an eternal happiness. We all want to be happy and objects give us a temporally happiness, to keep a constant flow of happiness, we buy the lasts and newest object to fulfill our happiness. This flow will lead to two effect: the person will be trapped in an endless cycle of buying to receive the best happiness or they will discover that their object aren’t fulfilling their happiness.
To conclude, people in our society our trapped inside of their object. Their objects describe their identity like what they like and even their profession. The person may even fall in love with their objects so much they may want to buy more in order to keep this happiness, but this could lead to some depressing results.


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