Countries with a higher educational rank ( anotated biogrpies 2)

In this article, the author explains countries like Finland and north Korea, rank higher on the global educational scale based on the fact that they beilive in education as a moral value like finaland. but then goes into saying that there’s no magjic way of having the perfect education then goes into using rhetoric to explains his five point to a great educational standards. In the next document from CNN, A man blogs from man who was applaud that two mothers were convicted a felony for sitting on their children’s registration forms because they wanted them to have a better education for their students. the mode of this article is a news article and a blog, although it doesn’t seem that popular compared to other blogs.


3 thoughts on “Countries with a higher educational rank ( anotated biogrpies 2)

  1. In my personal opinion, this is the best post that I had beacuse I feel that the first article tells the autohrs personal opinion about tew mothers who were covicye dfeons an uses the best rhetoric( see the link)

  2. James,
    Something interesting that this article and that your annotated bib about it brings up is the issue of morals in connection to this issue. Do you think morals and/or ethics are something people bring up a lot when commenting on this issue? If so, why? Why do people, either in the debate or in the audience, connect education issues with morality?
    Also, make sure to comment more on the Mode and the rhetorical appeals that your texts are using when you write your posts about the different texts.

  3. In my personal opinion, these articles are more informing about how ceratin countries are better educated than America but the goes on a saying that America would be better than other countries because we rank all of our students relative to those who rank only high level students. The mode that it is using is a newspaper article on the internet that rejects unequal education based on the rankings that other developed countries.

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