Inquriy 4 topic

Minority students are at a continued disadvantage in attending selective colleges.

The report describes the demographics of selective colleges compared to those that admit more than 85 percent of applicants and whose students have below C averages, or what it calls open-access colleges. Selective colleges tout a disproportionate amount of white students, even as the percentage of overall students who are white dwindles.

“These data show that far too many students are still not getting access to the kinds of classes, resources and opportunities they need to be successful,”

In this statement, the author uses the perspective of the parents whose children lack proper education in college and that 85% of those students have below a c average on a GPA scale which has to do with high school lacking the proper equilibrium in order for students to have equal opportunity when they arrive to college. In the second statement, the author uses a simple statement in order to get his audience ( the poor high school community) to agree with his statement. he uses his own personal views to try to enter the point of view of the community in a poor education system who is trying to work hard and to be successful, but lack the resource to become successful.

For the public issue, The first statement uses facts to get their point across because the author knows that most people will not believe a statement or an argument unless there is some form of evidence involved. In the second one however, the author didn’t used facts but tried to get into the point of view of the audience to better understand the situation. he uses words like ” far too many” to almost exaggerate the data and the perspective of the audience to better suite his statement and to understand the audience more.

To conclude, the first quote uses data to state its point and uses composition as a way to explain their point through evidence and facts while the public issue was addressed using those facts. I the second quote the author used their personal beliefs to better understand the point of view of the audience and used that to create his statement as well as addressing the public issue by sympathizing with the point of view of his audience.


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