Presidential debate

In the most recent presidential debate,  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney went up against each other in several debates. The first couple of debate were of advertisement where they made the other candidate look unworthy to become the president ( even though a majority of them aren’t actual factual). this first method tries to persuade the audience to not vote for the other candidate by means of visual contact, they make the other candidate look disgraceful and horrible. The second method is the most important, its the presidential debate. In the presidential debate, both candidate will go against each other in a verbal fight to the death ( not really) to persuade the audience how they will fix the country, how they will make it better for the American people to live in America. They are asked various question such as the issue on the economy and ( if any) wars with other countries. Many of the question are vague to determine how the future presidents will answer the question, if they have the right answers. This is also a great example of rhetoric because it shows a debate in order to persuade the audience to go to the speakers side as well as showing the audience how unreliable the other candidate is for the task.

to conclude, I picked this picture of the recent presidential election  because it explains the definition of rhetoric extremely well. Rhetoric are a way to persuade people and the presidential debate and even the presidential election in general is a prime example of persuading your audience to choose you as the next president by methods of advertising yourself and even being in a debate in order to show the audience your goals to the most recent issues facing our country.


2 thoughts on “Presidential debate

  1. I think that this is a great example of the use of rhetoric. Both of the candidates are trying to persuade people to vote for them. In order to do this they need to have strategy. They need to make sure that they know the audience that they are addressing, and bring up issues that they know that the audience wants to hear. They always have to be one step ahead of their opponent.

  2. James,
    I find it interesting that you focus so heavily on images in your posts/in the examples that you find. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I am just wondering if in some future post you could explain why; or, even better, if you could bring up in class conversations the role of images in composition (something we haven’t really spoke about.)
    Maybe in future posts you could go more in-depth about what makes a visual composition effective or good versus a written composition? Or if you could consider a visual composition that requires text?

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