The basketball star

 I feel this picture is trying to relate a meaning that goes beyond the sports team, It could also include  family member, friends and fellow employees. It’s trying to show people not to put themselves before a team or a family because they made you  (or help make you) the way you are.  It also show  that most that the only  way you’ll succeed is with a team and to not go by things yourself. For example; the director of apple created apple Inc. with the help of four college buddies, even though he claimed right to it, he couldn’t have done it without his college friends. This  goes with our composition definition, because the picture uses an extremely famous and talented basketball player to show that he had only gotten o far with the help of his team.


2 thoughts on “The basketball star

  1. I think that a good composition is one that causes the audience to reflect or raises a question. The meme that you selected does just that. It causes one to think about their accomplishments and goals; and then think about how they will accomplish those goals and who will or has helped them. No man is an island and all of us are indirectly or directly affected by the actions of those around us.

  2. First off, I love the man in the picture! and I think the texts on it is really impressive. One tree cannot compose a forest, also one man cannot make a team. The most important thing for a group is unity, all the members work together and pay the best efforts could make the group better, especially in basketball team. I believe the truth that the success of a team is based on the works of all the members not a single one.

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