People have many different ways of brainstorming for a big projects; some people make list of main ideas and try to conclude which ones work and which ones don’t work. others seem to use  a web with their thesis in the center and their main points on the side. the most common one is the outline which is just of what’s going to be on your draft. Whenever I brain storm, it’s usually in this way: first, I make the web with my thesis and then determine which main points to use and which ones not to use. Second is the outline , how I will basically organize the format of my draft. Finally is the draft , a finish work from days of brainstorming the topic to determine what fits the best in the project. with our class definition, I don’t fully agree that brainstorming is  something based on life long experiences ( unless its an event that occurred within your life) but more as several amounts of research and a long thought process would make the best definition of  brainstorming. However, I do believe in from your own personal experiences. Like I explained previously, many people have their own way of brainstorming that works specifically for them. whether it’s web or outline, those method can only work for you. to make your own brainstorming you have to first figure out what methods work and what doesn’t work for you. Figure it out by using many methods and find the one that works for you .


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