Image In life we have our good days and we have our bad days. We have those days where we just want to give up and pretend it never happened but at the end, there is always a rainbow waiting after the rain. With literature, the negative effects are the same way. You can have writer’s block, having such hatred for your literary work or just a terrible day . you want to give up or not even try anymore, but then you realize two thing: one, you really need that paycheck and two, things will get better. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but things will get better. if you look at all the famous writers I n the world, you noticed that they had to get through the rain as well before they overcame those obstacle and became some of the greatest writers in the world. We all had those moments when it came to writing, when we writ our essays, we had to go through a few drafts before we got to that perfect essay. so keep that positive writers attitude, you’ll go far and remember that the first time might not be the best, but just keep trying and trying until you get to that perfect masterpiece.


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